Reckitt has a long and proud history of being a leader in ingredient transparency because we firmly believe consumers have both a right to know, as well as a right to understand, what is included in their products. We believe product stewardship is about going beyond expected standards of safety and compliance in the ingredients we use and the approach we take to transparency.

Reckitt proudly maintains a complete product transparency website at that discloses ingredients for ALL our products sold in the United States and Canada, so consumers understand the benefits of our products, the ingredients we use and why we use them.

Our cleaning product ingredient disclosures go beyond the California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017

We have spent more than a decade working collaboratively with leading NGOs, policymakers and other consumer product companies across the U.S. to standardize disclosure requirements across our cleaning product lines. Reckitt was an active leader in developing and supporting the California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017, the first law in the nation to require precedent-setting ingredient and fragrance disclosure for cleaning products, both online and on-label.

Our product labelling is fully compliant with the California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017, listing all intentionally added ingredients on pack. In fact, our cleaning product ingredient disclosures go beyond this landmark bill and will continue to do so even if future regulations do not meet our high standards for consumer transparency.

Ingredient safety is our highest priority

The safety of the ingredients we use is of the highest priority. We work tirelessly to make our products and their ingredients as safe and sustainable as possible. As a leader in innovation, we invest in scientific R&D and continuously evolve our products in line with the latest advancements – identifying, measuring and replacing chemicals of concern in our products often before regulations require the industry to do so.

Furthermore, we work with our suppliers and academic partners to identify and champion innovative materials where alternatives aren’t yet available. Wherever possible, we aim to find purer, simpler ingredients whenever we can, while making sure our products retain the efficacy that makes them reliable. We also are focused on sustainable chemistry and work to develop safe products with the lowest possible environmental impact by applying key concepts from green chemistry.