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ANA's Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) reveals that Lysol and Air Wick are two of the most culturally inclusive brands perceived by Multicultural & Inclusive Consumers

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Feb. 16, 2023 – Today, global health and hygiene company, Reckitt is proud to announce that two of its brands, Lysol® and Air Wick®, were included in a list of “the Top 25 Most Culturally Inclusive Brands of 2022”. Lysol also swept up awards in two distinguished categories: “Best in Ad Effectiveness” and “Overall Best-in-Culture (Top Quartile) Award.”

ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) made the announcement today after extensive research through its industry-leading measurement methodology Cultural Insights Impact Measure™ (CIIM™) - a metric that identifies the impact and effectiveness of cultural insights in ads and programming. The top 25 brands recognized include industry leaders across retailers, CPG, automotive, fast-food, and financial and technology services.

"At a time when brands are looking to maximize their growth, connecting through culture should be primordial. Research proves that culture is responsible for 66% of a campaign's success in the CPG category and 55% in the auto category. Minimizing culture is equal to minimizing the opportunity for growth," said Bob Liodice, CEO of the ANA.

"These brands are leading the charge for more inclusive marketing across the entire industry and brilliantly showcasing the power of authentic cultural representation and DEIB reflections." says Carlos Santiago, AIMM Co-Founder and Co-Architect of CIIM. "We see a clear and measurable attribution to ad effectiveness, sales and trust, which further proves the benefit of creating content that can strongly resonate with the growth segments of our marketplace whether in mass market or targeted efforts."

CIIM™ Best-In-Culture Brands Ranking Methodology

CIIM started by reviewing Ad Age’s 2022 Leading National Advertisers rankings and Nielsen’s top spenders in diverse segments. From these lists, CIIM selected 100 brands to be included in the study. Throughout 2022, over 700 ads that aired from these 100 brands (5+ ads per brand) were tested in a forced exposure format where respondents were shown the ad and then prompted to answer a series of proprietary questions to assess the ad’s cultural relevance, DEIB reflections, and subsequent ad effectiveness impact. Over 250,000 ad evaluations were collected from viewers of all segments including Asian English, Black, Hispanic English, Hispanic Bilingual, Hispanic Spanish, Indigenous, LGBTQ, People with Disabilities, and White Non-Hispanic. CIIM’s final ranking was then created utilizing only multicultural and inclusive respondents. The ranking was constructed using each brand’s average CIIM™, DEI, purchase intent, trust lift, brand opinion, brand recommendation, gather information on brand, and likability scores.

Lysol and Air Wick Named Two of the Top 25 Most Culturally Inclusive Brands

The results of these efforts placed Lysol and Air Wick squarely in the Top 25 Most Culturally Inclusive Brands for 2022, while several Lysol ad campaigns were evaluated as outstanding examples of its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Topping the list were English and Spanish ads for Lysol’s “Here for Healthy Schools” initiative (in which the brand donated 42 million wipes to schools in need) and 2022 campaigns like “Laundry Neighbors,” “Sleeping Beauties,” “Simple Facts,” and “Boom,” among others. Two Air Wick ads from 2022 – “Discerning Noses” and “Deck the Halls” – were also recognized as being “best-in-class” for their passionate commitment to D&I and representation.

“It’s no secret that shoppers are moving away from brands that don’t embrace or represent inclusive marketing,” said Gary Osifchin, Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager, US Hygiene, Reckitt.

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At Reckitt we think it’s crucial that our ads reflect the realities of our diverse audiences, and we are proud that AIMM has chosen to recognize Lysol and Air Wick for their culturally inclusive work. CIIM has been instrumental in measuring the impact of our advertising with multicultural audiences and the data has helped steer us towards even more insightful communications in the future.

Gary Osifchin Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager, US Hygiene

Visit this link to view a recording of “The Most Culturally Inclusive Brands” livestream on the Cultural Inclusion Accelerator™ website for public viewing anytime, anywhere.

About CIIM™

CIIM™ (Cultural Insights Impact Measure™) is the industry-leading metric validating the incremental value of cultural relevance in ads and programming. As the largest cultural relevance measurement tool, CIIM™ covers 70 industries and ten segments: White Non-Hispanic, African American/Black, Asian English, Hispanic English Media Viewers, Hispanic Bilingual Media Viewers, Hispanic Spanish Media Viewers, LGBTQ, Native American, People with Disabilities, and General Population. Created by Oppside, LLC, CIIM™ provides a guide for brands and content creators to benchmark their cultural authenticity & DEIB journey progress. To date, it has gathered more than 900,000 ad evaluations across over 2,800 ads from more than 775 brands. www.culturalinclusionaccelerator.com


Founded in 2016 as an arm of the ANA, comprised of 87 member corporations, advertising agencies, media and research companies and trade associations representing over 1000 brands, AIMM's mission is to elevate Multicultural and Inclusive marketing to promote business growth in an increasingly diverse marketplace. AIMM has proven to be one of the boldest industry reboots ever brought to the Multicultural marketplace, changing the way businesses drive growth. www.anaaimm.net.