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Germs Be Gone! Lysol® Is Offering Educators Free Resources to Combat Germs and Educate Students on Healthy Habits

The Brand Teams Up with Georgia Pre-K Teacher of the Year, Johnathon Hines to Provide Educators with Germ-Fighting “Welcome Back Packs”

Parsippany, N.J., August 17, 2023 – This back-to-school season, Lysol, a Reckitt brand, is partnering with Georgia Pre-K Teacher of the Year Johnathon Hines for the brand’s HERE for Healthy Schools initiative that includes new additions to its annual Welcome Back Pack that educators can use to teach healthy habits in the classroom.

Since 2019, the Lysol brand has offered educators tools and resources through their Welcome Back Packs that include free educational resources such as posters, stickers, and more, to reinforce healthy habits in the classroom.

To celebrate the fifth year of the program, Pre-K Teacher Johnathon Hines created a new, engaging poster to complete the packs: “Don’t Let Germs Go Viral.” The new poster features colorful, vibrant art depicting nefarious germs in the classroom and schoolground hotspots where they like to hang out, complementing Hines’ easy-to-remember tips on helping to stop the spread of germs.

“Germs in my classroom are a never-ending battle, so it’s important that I teach my students to practice healthy habits in fun yet relatable ways, so kids stay healthy and miss less school,” said Hines. “As a long-time user of Lysol disinfecting products and their healthy habits resources in my own classroom, I’m thrilled to be partnering with Lysol to create this new poster for the Welcome Back Packs for classrooms across the country.”

The poster is part of the full pack, which includes*:

  • Educational posters on healthy habit reminders – including Johnathon Hines’ newly curated poster
  • Here for Healthy School stickers – featuring fun back-to-school visuals like a school bus, backpack, and more
  • Germ hotspot stickers – helping students identify areas that can be classroom hotspots with colorful germ stickers
  • Mirror cling – showcasing five steps for better hand washing

To sign up to receive this year’s Welcome Back Packs**, including the new poster designed by Johnathon, educators can go to https://www.lysol.com/here-for-healthy-schools/healthy-habits/welcome-back-pack/sign-up.