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Finish Encourages Consumers to Skip the Rinse with 24-Hour Challenge - If Finish Doesn't Work, the Meal is on Us*!

Reckitt's leading dishwashing detergent brand invites consumers to make a lasagna and wash the dish with Finish Quantum 24 hours later to demonstrate cleaning power and how easy it can be to save water

PARSIPPANY, N.J., October 18, 2022 - Finish®, a brand from Reckitt and the world's number one recommended dishwashing brand, recommended by more dishwasher brands worldwide**, today announced the "Finish 24-Hour Challenge:" a challenge daring consumers to cook and enjoy a dinnertime-classic, lasagna, skip the rinse, load the dishwasher and run once full, 24 hours later—Finish Quantum removes the 24-hour dried-on stains or the meal is on Finish*, now through end of year.

84% of consumers mistakenly believe they need to pre-rinse their dishes to remove dried-on stains, with the perception being, if it's already dried, it won't come out***. Finish is here to disprove this misconception via the 24-Hour Challenge and with Finish Quantum, which offers an unbeatable clean on 24-hour dried-on lasagna stains within one wash cycle, by cutting through even the toughest residues seamlessly. Along with removing stains, Finish hopes to remove some of the hassle that comes with cooking: the clean-up. The brand's challenge aims to encourage all to join in its #skiptherinse journey, because just by skipping the pre-rinse, up to 20 gallons of water can be saved every time.

"Ultimately, we want to help people break the habit of pre-rinsing their dishes, because not only do they not have to, but they're wasting water when doing it," says Tarik Bayar, Marketing Director at Finish. "Water scarcity continues to evolve into an even more impeding problem affecting countless communities and the environment, which is why Finish has made it an important mission to conserve and educate consumers in the process."

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"The 24-Hour Challenge puts the proof of our product in the hands of our consumer, while asking them to skip the rinse and save water—we know we can create a deeper impact if everyone joins in."

Tarik Bayar Marketing Director at Finish

LA-based chef and content creator, Owen Han, has already joined the challenge to encourage his massive follower base—and the rest of us—to follow suit. As a foodie and top-notch culinary aficionado, Owen was intrigued by the 24-Hour Challenge and had to put it to the test. Check out his experience here and see how the challenge turned out for yourself. Track along other experiences on #finish24hourchallenge, too.

Consumers can find the lasagna recipe for use in the challenge and purchase all necessary ingredients, including Finish Quantum, for a special $1.50 off promotion on Instacart. Alternatively, the recipe can also be found on www.finish24hourchallenge.com and ingredients can be purchased at any retailer nationwide. If you are not satisfied with the result, you'll be refunded for your meal up to $20. Terms and conditions can be found in www.finish24hourchallenge.com 

*Up to $20. Full T&C in www.finish24hourchallenge.com
**More dishwasher brands recommend Finish products worldwide than any other brand. Recommendations as part of co-marketing agreements
***Source: Kantar