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Texas Rangers and Reckitt, the Makers of Lysol, Partner to Enhance Globe Life Field’s Disinfection Protocols

Arlington, TX and Parsippany, NJ, May 12, 2021 - Today, the Texas Rangers and Reckitt, the makers of Lysol, announce their partnership to introduce enhanced disinfection protocols at Globe Life Field. As part of Reckitt’s wider partnership with Major League Baseball, Lysol product was integrated into Globe Life Field, to help protect fans and teams during the 2020 postseason. Now, the partnership is expanding to the Rangers, and includes enhanced disinfection protocols for the 2021 season and beyond.

The partnership comes at a time when 84% of consumers indicate that they will continue adhering to changes they made to behaviors associated with disinfection as a result of COVID-19.[1] As the 2021 season is underway, a key priority for the Rangers organization is establishing enhanced disinfection protocols for the ballpark. To do this, the Rangers will tap into Lysol’s industry-leading 100-plus years of germ-kill expertise and innovation, which will be at the forefront of creating enhanced disinfection measures at the ballpark for fans, players and staff alike.

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“With the Rangers welcoming fans back to the ballpark, establishing enhanced disinfection protocols is imperative”

E. Yuri Hermida Executive Vice President of North America Hygiene for Reckitt

“We are excited to work with the Rangers and bring our disinfection expertise to the club to help inspire fan confidence as they return to watch their favorite team compete in 2021 and beyond.”

With Reckitt, the Rangers are putting their confidence in a science-backed, strategic approach designed with Lysol, that can offer additional reassurance to fans and staff through the season and beyond. The partnership includes:

  • Supply of EPA-approved disinfection products, including those proven to be effective against SARS-CoV-2[2], the virus that causes COVID-19, to use across areas where germs are most prevalent.
  • Rigorously developed protocols applied to key high-touch, high-traffic surfaces to help protect from the spread of germs on surfaces.
  • Dispensers with Lysol Disinfecting Wipes around the ballpark for fans to use.
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“The Texas Rangers are excited to welcome Lysol to our family of partners”

Mike Healy Sr. Vice President of Venue Operations & Guest Experience for the Texas Rangers

“Creating an environment where each and every fan feels confident entering Globe Life Field is our top priority. Partnering with Lysol gives us access to their portfolio of trusted disinfecting products and their scientific expertise, allowing us to enhance our already strong protocols.”

Through this and other partnerships like it, Lysol is committed to doing what it takes to protect fans so they can enjoy the game they love.


[1] Reckitt Quantitative study October 2020, with Radius Illumination group

[2] According to Reckitt’s knowledge and published scientific evidence, Reckitt is highly confident that its actives/formulated products will continue to be effective against mutated strains of the SARS- CoV-2 virus.