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Neuriva ® Partners with Mayim Bialik to Educate and Empower Consumers on Brain Health

Actress and neuroscientist will break down the science behind Neuriva and encourage consumers of all ages to “Think Bigger”

PARSIPPANY, NJ – March 16, 2021 – Leading brain health supplement, Neuriva ® , is kicking off a new partnership with actress and neuroscientist, Mayim Bialik, this Brain Awareness Week (March 15-21). As Neuriva’s new science ambassador, Bialik will empower consumers to make informed decisions about brain health supplements and break down the science behind Neuriva – proving that not all supplements are created equally. Neuriva is a key element in Mayim’s brain health routine, along with simple lifestyle choices, like a balanced diet, supplementation, sleep hygiene, physical exercise and an active social life. Whether the goal is managing a busy lifestyle, focusing more at work or keeping the brain sharp, as the ultimate multi-tasker, Bialik wants to motivate people to do more for their brains and let them know Neuriva can be part of a holistic approach to brain health at any age.

“After studying neuroscience for 12 years, I’ve learned a lot about the brain, so anything that can help support the brain is something I’m  passionate about,” said Bialik. “I’m excited to kick off my partnership with Neuriva because I’ve never actually found a brain health supplement I believed in – until now. Neuriva Plus is backed by strong science – yes, I checked it myself – and it combines two clinically tested ingredients that help support six key indicators of brain health.* I’m looking forward to educating others about the science behind Neuriva because supplements are truly not all created equally. My hope is to inspire others to do more for their brain through a holistic approach and incorporate Neuriva into their daily health routine, just like it’s become part of mine.”

This April, Bialik will star in a new campaign that features Neuriva Plus as the brain supplement that “thinks bigger” so you can too, which will appear nationally across broadcast, digital, print and social media. And just how does Neuriva think bigger? It fuels six indicators of brain performance: focus, memory, learning, concentration, accuracy and reasoning.* Neuriva also thinks bigger than most other supplements with its unique combination of two clinically tested ingredients, plus vitamins B6 and B12 and folic acid. The supplement is also just one part of a complete brain health ecosystem, which includes the Neuriva Brain Gym. The app, available on the App Store and Google Play, is comprised of assessments and exercises, tailored to help support your brain fitness and even track your progression over time.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Mayim as our Neuriva science ambassador. As America’s favorite neuroscientist, her expertise, scientific knowledge and charming personality will help us educate consumers on the importance of choosing a brain health supplement backed by solid science and give people the confidence that they can do more for their brain health,” said Gregory Chabidon, General Manager of the Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements Business Unit at RB. “Her passion for brain health is contagious, and her relatable experience as a busy working parent and professional juggling multiple roles truly embodies that ‘think bigger’ mindset.”

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