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Global Satisfaction: Increased Sexual Wellbeing

Our leading Intimate Wellness brand, Durex, has revealed fascinating insights from its latest Global Sex Survey in celebration of its 95th anniversary.

24 Jun 20243 minute read

Insights from Durex’s Global Sex Survey
Our leading Intimate Wellness brand, Durex, has revealed fascinating insights from its latest Global Sex Survey in celebration of its 95th anniversary. This extensive survey, conducted in 36 countries, reveals significant trends and changes in sexual health and wellbeing, and peeks behind the curtains to see what your neighbours are getting up to between the sheets.

A rise in satisfaction
The latest data shows a significant increase in sexual satisfaction worldwide. Emotionally, 57% of sexually active people report feeling satisfied, while 56% are physically satisfied – up 12% and 21% respectively since 2006.

India tops the charts with the highest satisfaction rates: 76% of respondents in India feel physically satisfied, and 73% are emotionally satisfied. Those using Durex products report 25% higher satisfaction rates than those who don't.

“It’s encouraging to see that so many people are enjoying a satisfying, fulfilling sex life in many of the countries who took part in this year’s survey. We know that intimate wellness can be a significant contributor to overall health, and we’re committed to ensuring everyone has a sex life they feel positive about.” Ben Wilson, Intimate Wellness Global Category Director at Reckitt

Driving satisfaction
This year’s survey indicates that sexual wellbeing correlates with overall wellbeing. 51% of sexually satisfied individuals feel healthier and more confident, while 65% report feeling happier. The excitement in their sex lives also contributes to this wellbeing, with 54% strongly agreeing that their sex lives are exciting – an 11% increase since 2006.

Creativity in the bedroom is on the rise. Since 2017, the number of people purchasing sex toys has increased by 46%, and lube usage has risen by 6%.

Safety first
Condoms remain the preferred method of contraception, especially among first-timers. The use of condoms during the first sexual experience has increased by 34% since 2006, now standing at 55%. Ease of access plays a crucial role, with over one in five people choosing condoms based on availability.

Embracing diversity
Durex’s Global Sex Survey highlights a growing acceptance of sexual diversity. Among respondents aged 18-24, 44% identify as “not fully straight.” Support for same-sex relationships has also increased by 34% since 2006. In Europe, 69% of people in the Netherlands and Spain, and 66% in the UK, support same-sex relationships.

Durex proudly supports the LGBTQ+ community, evidenced by its recognition as Brand Ally of the Year by Pink News in 2023 and Reckitt’s Stonewall Gold Award.

Exploring new fronts
The survey reveals a growing prevalence of pornography, with a 15% increase in viewership since 2017. Women now account for 44% of viewers. Additionally, 31% of respondents have used “sexy” underwear, and another 31% have experienced a sensual massage to enhance their sexual experiences.

Looking ahead
As Durex celebrates its 95th anniversary, it remains committed to enhancing sexual health and wellbeing. With continued innovation and a deep understanding of consumer needs, Durex aims to bring real sexual pleasure to more people around the world.

For more insights and advice on sexual health and wellbeing, visit: www.durex.co.uk