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Celebrating 95 years of Durex

Celebrating Durex's 95th birthday

22 May 20242 minute read

The world’s top-selling condom brand turns 95 years old today. 

Our health brand Durex is constantly innovating with new products that enhance the sexual experience, striving to improve intimate wellness and an ally in creating a more inclusive, diverse world. 

We look at some of the key reasons for the brand’s success. 

Mission and values driven 

Durex is a leading brand in Europe and much of Asia, including China – occupying around 40% of the global condom market. Its mission of making condoms available where they’ve never been before hasn’t changed. Durex has grown the business whilst also empowering more consumers to protect their sexual health and maximise their pleasure.  

In the 1990s, they convinced Cardiff city council in the UK to put a Durex vending machine in the central bus station and most recently Durex took over a Diesel fashion show with a mountain of condoms.  

Durex is driven by its brand values and is highly passionate about its consumers and communities. The brand has had a real impact on people’s lives across the globe, including the running of sex education programmes in schools in India and South Africa. 

Global production  

Durex has factories all over the world with Bangpakong in east Bangkok being one the biggest – making around half of the world’s Durex condoms each year. The plant has a capability of producing 200,000 condoms an hour and is supported by a team of over 1,000 colleagues across R&D and supply.  

China has been on an incredible journey with Durex. The majority of the rest of our condoms are produced in China to supply the Chinese market, in factories like our Taicang plant. 

The Durex team has put a lot of energy into understanding how Chinese people have sex, the restrictions around talking about condoms on TV or in print and how an extended lockdown limited the amount of sex people were having. These sensitive insights have been used to understand Durex’s audience needs.  

Diverse and inclusive  

Durex has consistently been an ally to the LGBTQI+ community, supporting Pride events, partnering with Stonewall to champion inclusive education and even being named the Brand Ally of the year by Pink News in 2023.  

What’s next for Durex? 

Durex continues to push the boundaries and meet consumer needs by selling almost three billion condoms every year. Now, Durex is focusing on pleasure and culture to align with the values of our open and curious target market. 

We’re proud to go on this journey Durex. What an amazing 95 years!