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Better lives for 8 million people: Our biggest impact ever

We’re making a difference by fighting for a fairer society.

15 Feb 20232 minute read

Better lives for millions of people: in 2022 our impact was greater than ever before

At Reckitt, we believe everyone has a right to good health and hygiene. That’s why we fight for access to products, knowledge and resources to realise good health and wellbeing. We fight for better access of information on things like handwashing and nutrition. And we advocate for strengthening health infrastructure and invest in capacity building at the front lines of health care.

In 2022 we have made our biggest impact ever, investing the equivalent of £32 million across 45 countries, reaching 22 million people with programmes and partnerships that support a fairer society.


Reckitt products exist to do good, and so do our people

At Reckitt, we know how we want to impact the world. Everyone has a right to hygiene, health and nutrition. This is why we fight for access to the products, knowledge and resources required for a healthy life. But our fight goes beyond this.

Behind these numbers, lie the stories of how Reckitt people around the world have harnessed the positive power of our business to create real, measurable change to people’s lives:

  • Our partnership with Water.org reached an incredible milestone. This Harpic-led partnership has now helped more than 1.8 million people since 2018, ensuring the most vulnerable have access to safe water and improved sanitation.
  • We launched Reckitt’s flagship Fight for Access Accelerator which supports community-led health and hygiene start-ups with seed funding and mentorship. Reckitt people are critical, and share their knowledge and expertise with these innovative start-ups.
  • We massively scaled Dettol’s hygiene education programme, The Hygiene Quest. This programme is now active in 6 countries and reaching 1.9 million people to reduce disease, increase school attendance, and improve overall educational outcomes.

Our pledge to invest 1% of net profit means as our business grows, so does our commitment. But that’s only half of the story. This year, without significantly increasing our budgets, we created 10 times more impact than in 2020. And we remain committed to continuously improving the efficiency of our investments to make the biggest difference we can.

Find out more about how we’re improving access in communities and through our business in our 2022 Social Impact report here.