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Reckitt's pioneering move into virtual production

Reckitt's pioneering move into virtual production means we can move at pace and at scale and be more creative than ever before.

06 Sep 20222 minute read

Braver creatives and bolder concepts with our virtual studio

Our pioneering move into virtual production means we can move at pace and at scale, be more creative than ever before and have less impact on the environment as we do so.

When there are opportunities to be creative and innovate, whilst driving our pursuit for a cleaner, healthier world, we’re first in line. Introducing, the Reckitt Virtual Studios…

Step inside the new marketing excellence virtual studios

If you haven’t heard of virtual production before, here’s what you need to know. It is an emerging technology that puts live actors in front of LED screens, instead of physical filming sets. It hit the headlines when Disney used the technology for its flagship Star Wars streaming series The Mandalorian. At the click of a button, actors can be transported to new locations, so we can capture the marketing content we need, from kitchens to beaches to hygiene in alternate universes, in one place without the need for multiple sets and locations, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Harnessing the power of technology

We’re breaking down silos between traditional and digital content to create re-usable content that can travel through the Reckitt eco-system. With the virtual studio, in partnership with Havas, we can unleash our creativity with braver creatives and bolder concepts, all whilst saving on costs and doing our bit to help create a cleaner, healthier world.

For me this is a pivotal moment. Our objective now is to get to a global scale and to produce more than 80% of our production volume in this way in the future.

Becky Verano

Vice President For Marketing Operations And Capabilities

By using the virtual studio, we can leverage the exponential growth of technology whilst making our production more sustainable by minimising wastage and reducing our carbon footprint. At Reckitt we shoot over 250 ads a year and have the ambition for 80% of which to be created in our virtual studios. This new venture is a first for the FMCG industry and is a pivotal moment for modernising our advertising and the way we create it.

Look out for some exciting marketing content from our brands, powered by our new virtual studio, coming soon!