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Partnering in an age of change

As the world’s social, health and environmental needs intensify, our ambitions and the role we play have stepped up too.

12 Jul 20223 minute read

As the world’s social, health and environmental needs intensify, our ambitions and the role we play have stepped up too. As part of our aspiration to engage 2 billion people through our programmes, partnerships and campaigns, in 2021, Air Wick partnered with WWF to help bring the purpose of ‘Connecting People to Nature’ to life. This partnership has gone from strength to strength and is now stepping onto the global stage!

Age of Change Series

From today a new landmark film series, produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, will showcase the incredible stories of businesses and brands that are leading radical and innovative new efforts to secure a nature-positive future for our planet. For our part in the series, we focused on the project we are supporting in Mexico where, together with WWF, we are working to preserve and protect the migration path of the monarch butterfly.

Air Wick’s partnership with WWF has been recognised as a best-in-class example of how a brand can take on the task of solving an environmental challenge.

Here you can find the full Age of Change series: www.ageofchangeseries.co.uk.

Age of Change: The restoration of Monarch butterfly habitats

Behind the scenes of Age of Change

To give you an insight into the filming of the series, below is a behind the scenes view from one of our colleagues, Carolina Mijares, who was previously the Category Marketing Manager in Mexico and is featured in the film:

Since the first day we started to design Air Wick Mexico’s Purpose Program, I felt that my “role” as Category Manager changed drastically. The idea of being able to fully integrate business objectives with helping the world was truly inspiring and exciting.

The partnership with WWF and Air Wick has been a genuine representation of team spirit; we managed to craft a plan to restore wildflower & forest habitats in Mexico to help biodiversity thrive and moreover to help one of the most important pollinators of the planet: the beautiful Monarch Butterfly.

I am very grateful to be able to be part of this filming as this was one of the greatest professional (and personal) experiences I have had. Since arriving very early to the forest, watching the sunrise through the mountains while we rode our horses up the hill, waiting for the butterflies to wake up as they got warmed up with the sun to the absolutely magical experience of being surrounded by thousands and thousands of butterflies!

I hope everyone enjoys the film as much as we enjoyed doing it! And I invite everyone at Reckitt to think about how everyone can be part of this Age of Change, within our day-to-day work. It is possible!

Making a positive impact on the world

We are committed to creating a lasting, positive impact on the world and partnerships like Air Wick and WWF are helping is to achieve just that. This recognition shows that we are doing the right thing and leading the way as a best-in-class example of how organisations can make a difference. It is truly inspiring.

We can all play our part in protecting nature. Visit WWF’s website to find inspiration and tips here.

You can find out more about our Sustainability Ambitions here.