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Imagine what life would be like without a toilet

We're using World Toilet Day to help tackle the global sanitation crisis, with Harpic leading our fight.

18 Nov 20222 minute read

Toilets. Not a subject that 45% of the world’s population give more than a passing thought to, but for the 55% of people who don’t have access to safely managed sanitation, it is an everyday struggle. That’s why we’re using World Toilet Day on 19 November to take action to help tackle the global sanitation crisis, with Harpic leading our fight.

World Toilet Day: A history of support

Harpic has been taking part in World Toilet Day for a number of years, leveraging their purpose to provide safe, hygienically clean toilets for everyone, everywhere. From music and film to powerful partnerships and education, Harpic has been taking action against the sanitation crisis and transforming lives for over 100 years.

Taking action in 2022

This year, World Toilet Day is focused around ‘making the invisible visible’, with a focus on the impact that the sanitation crisis is having on groundwater, spreading human waste into rivers, lakes and soil, polluting underground water resources.

This World Toilet Day, we’re highlighting stories from people whose lives we’ve impacted with our partnership with Water.org and asking more people to take the pledge to keep our toilets clean, to keep our loved ones safe. In doing so, we’ll help to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6): water and sanitation for all by 2030.

Access for everyone

We believe that everyone deserves access to safely managed sanitation and that hygiene is the foundation of health. Every year, nearly one million people without access to clean toilets are killed by water, sanitation and hygiene-related diseases. A toilet can be the difference between life and death, so we’re proud to partner with organisations across the globe to help provide safe sanitation solutions for those who need them most.

In 2022, our partnership with Water.org has meant:

  • 677,000 people now have better access to sanitation
  • 154,135 investments have been made in better sanitation solutions
  • $41.2 million of responsibly designed loans have been provided to households to facilitate investments.

Hear from the people who’s lives we’ve touched by helping them get access to safe, hygienically clean toilets.

Find out more about our social impact here.

For more information, visit the World Toilet Day website.