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Finish: From plastic to paper-based pouches

Launching paper-based packaging, a first for automatic dishwashing products, that will reduce plastic by 75% in Finish's stand up pouch.

20 Oct 20223 minute read
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Press release

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We’re launching paper-based packaging for Finish, a first for automatic dishwashing products, that will reduce plastic by 75% in its stand-up pouch. Once fully rolled out, this packaging innovation will help to eliminate more than 2,000 tonnes of plastic every year, equivalent to 50 million 1-litre bottles.

Packaging for dishwasher tablets must be sealable, durable and water resistant, so using paper has traditionally been difficult. However, by working in partnership with innovative packaging experts, Mondi, the new Finish packaging has successfully replaced three-quarters of the plastic with responsibly sourced paper. The remaining plastic is used to strengthen the paper structure and provide protection to ensure the quality and safety of the Finish product as well as a re-closable seal.

As well as reducing plastic, the new packaging is expected to generate 15% less CO2 emissions across the packaging lifecycle versus prior versions – from its manufacturing and increased recyclability.

Finish’s new packaging will launch exclusively with Carrefour in France, hitting shelves in over 1,200 stores in mid-November. Any adaptations required following the initial market launch will be incorporated before its roll out in other countries over the next few years.

This innovation is the latest milestone our journey, towards our ambition to halve the amount of virgin plastic in our packaging by 2030, and specifically for Finish, the world’s largest automatic dishwashing brand.

  • 2019: Finish removed non-recyclable plastic laminates from its stand-up pouch, replacing them with a recyclable film;
  • 2021: Finish became the first dishwashing tablet brand to incorporate a minimum of 30% recycled plastic into its recyclable pouch and rigid packaging;
  • 2022: Finish becomes the first automatic dishwashing product to develop paper-based packaging.