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Amazon x Reckitt: Centre of global excellence

How we're teaming up with Amazon to deliver for consumers and the planet

01 Jun 20222 minute read

We collaborate in many key areas. We work together on customer experience, channel optimisation, brand protection, advertising and supply chain issues. We co-plan growth strategies. And we continue to progress our Climate Pledge work.

Leading on climate change

Reusability, compaction and reduced air, water and packaging all impact our planet. And we’re committed to driving improvements across the board.

We were the first consumer packaged goods company to sign Amazon’s Climate Pledge. More than 200 companies and organisations have joined us, including businesses in 21 countries worldwide.

We’re now seeing real results. We’re on course to deliver our 2030 goals, the next steps on our journey to become carbon neutral by 2040 - 10 years ahead of the global deadline. We have already achieved our 2030 science-based target for operations emissions with a 66% reduction in carbon there.

As well as our sustainability targets, our teams also meet with Amazon regularly to come together on innovation, brand and packaging to tackle challenges and scope out the latest market opportunities.

Harnessing our brand power

We’re collaborating with Amazon Advertising to test, identify and scale up best practices that expand the reach for Reckitt’s brands.

With the global roll-out of full-funnel advertising – focusing on the entire customer journey not just the sale – we’re able to do this in innovative and exciting new ways.

Using Amazon's business platform to maximise growth

By teaming up with Amazon Business, Amazon’s B2B arm, we’re increasing our focus on serving business customers through its integrated website.

Protecting our brands

Brand protection is critical to every company. And we are no exception. Our global and regional e-commerce legal teams’ partner with the Amazon brand protection team to address the thousands of unauthorised sellers of our products and better protect our consumers and our brands.

You can find out more about how we’re collaborating with Amazon in our Annual Report.

You can find out more about our Sustainability Ambitions here.