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World Prematurity Day 2021

This World Prematurity Day, Enfamil is delivering a message of positivity and hope.

17 Nov 20212 minute read
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Baby that has just been born

World Prematurity Day: a time to celebrate ‘preemie’ babies and the people who support them

Did you know that around 15 million babies are born prematurely every year? Being born prematurely does present a host of challenges but 'preemie’ babies aren’t called ‘little fighters’ for nothing. And this World Prematurity Day, Enfamil is recognising and celebrating the teams who keep these little fighters fighting with an extra special campaign.

Enfa has been meeting children’s nutritional needs for over 50 years. And for the 10th World Prematurity Day this year, the number one infant formula brand recommended by pediatricians is focusing its attention on the people who support preemie babies every step of the way. Continuing to put people first, Enfa is recognising the hard work and the ups and downs and emotional toil of looking after a preemie baby experienced by healthcare professionals (HCPs), parents and Reckitt colleagues - who design and create quality products for preemie babies all over the world – with an extra special campaign.

Enfamil: World Prematurity Day 2021

World Prematurity Day facts

  1. Babies born before 37 weeks are considered premature
  2. Premature birth is the leading cause of death among young children
  3. About 10% of babies are premature
  4. The cause of premature birth can be multifactorial
  5. Most preemie babies are treated in the NICU
  6. Skin-to-skin contact is beneficial for preemies
  7. Premature babies are more likely to face challenges - they miss out on important weeks in the womb which can impact their development. They’re at a higher risk of experiencing breathing difficulties, feeding issues, developmental delays and problems with vision and hearing
  8. Tiny babies can grow up to do HUGE things - premature babies may face challenges, but they can go on to do way more than just catch up with their peers. Famous former preemies include Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Pablo Picasso, Isaac Newton, and Stevie Wonder
  9. The right nutrition can support catch up growth – like Enfa!

Get involved with the campaign over on social media from 17th November! Share our videos and add your own personal message using the hashtag #WorldPrematurityDay #PreemieFighter to raise awareness and make a difference.