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The future of work at Reckitt

We're embracing a hybrid model when it comes to work.

23 Apr 20212 minute read
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Man on a video call to work colleagues

Changing how we work at Reckitt

The global definition of a work environment has changed. How do we keep our people safe, while ensuring we continue to thrive? We spoke with our colleagues and partners to inform and shape our approach to the future of work.

A hybrid approach to working

In 2021, we value results over presenteeism. Our people will have a choice on how often we meet at the office, and what for. We are not mandating a number of days in the office and we are equally very clear that the office remains an important place for us.

#FreedomToSucceed at work, and in life

We want to increase flexibility and autonomy by giving our colleagues a choice. Built within a framework of trust and accountability, employees will establish what works best for their teams and themselves in terms of office presence based on output and impact.

What about our offices?

We have shown we can be very effective working remotely. We are also clear that there are benefits in spending time together in our workplaces. To help us make this hybrid working model a success, we are clear on why we will come together. We will use our office workspaces to:

1. Create – Face-to-face ideation sessions
2. Collaborate – Meeting new people or sharing perspectives in person to assist in effective collaboration
3. Coach – In-person coaching interactions become more purposeful and meaningful
4. Connect – From sharing lunch or grabbing a coffee with a colleague, connection is critical for our culture and wellbeing.

We’re taking a hybrid approach to working at Reckitt. It will provide the opportunity to not just have a better work-life balance, but a better life, full stop

Ranjay Radhakrishnan

Chief Human Resources Officer, Reckitt

Currently, this approach is focused on “office work”, but we will also develop contemporary working practices for our R&D, manufacturing, and sales departments.