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We’ve been exploring sustainability, consumer trust, behaviour changes following the outbreak of COVID-19 and everything in between with the FT.

04 Nov 20213 minute read
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Hear the latest insights from our collaboration with the Financial Times

In the run up to the UN’s climate change summit – COP26 – we've been sharing our own insights and learnings from industry experts in a series of articles and podcasts in collaboration with the Financial Times, discussing all things sustainability, purpose, partnerships and more.

Here’s a summary:

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1. WWF UK CEO says businesses must act on climate change

“Climate change and biodiversity — they're two sides of the same coin,” says Tanya Steele, CEO of WWF UK. Lots of businesses are ‘stepping up to the challenge’ but there’s still a long way to go. During this podcast, Tanya explains a bit more about the role of policymakers, world leaders and businesses in saving our planet. It’s not to be missed!

2. Brands need to be responsible, not just talk about responsibility

EVP Group Marketing Excellence and Category Development Organisation for Hygiene, Fabrice Beaulieu, makes a guest appearance during this podcast. During the interview, Fabrice covers:

  • The importance of brand trust – particularly during a time of crisis
  • Brand purpose – and why it’s more relevant than ever
  • The responsibility of brands – why doing the right thing is so crucial and how we have the power to encourage consumers to do the same
  • Sustainable brands – how we’re responding to rising global temperatures and consumer expectations!

3. Why data improves both public and planetary health

Hala Audi knows the value of reliable data. As the former lead for the UK’s review on Antimicrobial Resistance, she has built her career on solving complex global health issues through innovation.

Now, having recently concluded a secondment as CEO of The Trinity Challenge – a coalition that aims to use data and analytics to better identify, respond to and recover from health emergencies – Hala says she’s looking at the opportunities that data-driven collaborations are unlocking to improve the health of the public and the planet.

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4. Consumer choice evens the playing field for brand sustainability

Karen Winterich, Professor in Marketing and the Susman Professor in Sustainability at Penn State University, shares her insights into how consumers are rethinking their sustainability habits, the role of brands in communicating and educating them on sustainable habits and why trust is critical to progress.