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Our innovators are going #onestepgreener

Mónica is capturing the hearts and minds of people all over LATAM to create sustainable change. It’s a big undertaking but along with her team, she has already made huge strides.

13 Oct 20213 minute read

Meet our Innovators: Mónica Lemos


Over the last 200 years, our innovators have transformed our company and revolutionised our industry for the better. But this is just the start. As we embark on our journey of rejuvenating sustainable growth, we’re more inspired than ever to think bigger, act bolder and innovative further than ever before.

Mónica Lemos has been at Reckitt for 11 years, driving forward our sustainability agenda. Her team brings our purpose into the lives of people all over the world – and she’s only just getting started!

Tell us a little more about you...

My name is Mónica Lemos, I’m the Regulatory Affairs Senior Manager for South West LATAM countries based in in Cali, Colombia.

I’m passionate about working with people, communities and the environment via an ‘Ecosocial restoration model’ - where I look to develop actions in three key areas of sustainability: economic, social and environmental.

What does ‘purpose’ mean to you?

Firstly, ‘purpose’ should bring about an individual transformation in order to generate a transformation of a community or country. Purpose is the force that moves me to connect with other people and with the planet in order to generate a synergy that benefits us today and benefits more people tomorrow.

Can you tell us more about your area of work? How do you approach Sustainability in your team?

My responsibility is to appeal to – and win - the hearts of consumers, customers and communities and show them that there is a better way.

An environmental change first needs a social change. Everyone needs to understand how to make more sustainable choices – and that’s where my team comes in, delivering Social and Environmental Education programmes.

We focus on actions - cleaning a beach, manufacturing sustainable products, installing renewable energy, etc - and try to make sustainability relevant to our everyday lives so that we can understand what our footprint is on the planet. From this, we can take intelligent actions. This is how we can change habits and choose the best path.

Why do partnerships matter?

We all have a part to play, and we’ll only see results if relevant parties work in partnership for the same purpose. Each partner has a vital role and if a piece is missing, it simply won’t work.

What sustainability initiative are you most proud of?

I’m incredibly proud of our School of Sustainability. Our actions are important, but I think it is more important that each of us understand what our water footprint means, what our carbon footprint means, why we should know about the SDGs. Only when we understand the impact of our actions can we change our decisions. This is why the school is teaching more people all these concepts and now people can make conscious decisions to reduce their personal footprint.

What are you hopes for COP26?

I hope that this event defines concrete actions for people - not just for governments or companies.

Do you have a sustainable top tip you can share? How are you making a difference in your personal and professional life?

No activity is too small!

  1. Be part of a tree planting programme that has an area compensation plan (led by experts)
  2. Be part of a training plan to understand topics such as: water footprint, carbon footprint and SDGs
  3. Change your habits in order to create a sustainable home

Find out more about our Sustainability Ambitions here.