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Meet our innovators: Deepak Sharma

Deepak heads up Science Platforms, delivering on science-driven innovation every day.

28 Jul 20212 minute read
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Tell us a little more about you…

My name is Deepak Sharma. I am a Senior Fellow and VP R&D for the newly-created Science Platforms. I joined Reckitt almost a year back, inspired by its purpose-led innovation and entrepreneurial approach towards a cleaner, healthier world. I’m based in Montvale, New Jersey (USA).

What does Innovation mean to you? How do you define innovation?

I grew up in India and for me, innovation always meant ‘jugaad’- a flexible approach to problem-solving that uses limited resources in an innovative way. I define innovation as: the process of making continuous improvement through creative and original thinking, along with strategic execution.

I believe innovation is the ‘continuous revolution’ that is necessary for growth and the survival of humankind and planet earth. Innovation leads to a state of scientific and technological readiness that is necessary not only for routine healthcare needs but also to respond to pandemics, natural disasters and more.

What do you think is the greatest innovation of all time?

I consider discovery of Penicillin, the chemical compound with antibiotic properties, as being the greatest innovation. The use of antibiotics has proved to be a major living improvement, fighting nearly every known form of infection and protecting people’s health.

Who do you believe is the greatest innovator of all time?

I consider Thomas Edison as greatest innovator of all time, as he delivered many ideas and inventions, and then continuously improved them to meet consumer needs and make them commercially viable.

Can you tell us more about the science platforms work?

Science Platforms is focussed on delivering meaningful and differentiated innovation that delights consumer and empowers selfcare through superior and sustainable products.

It's playing a critical role in the transformation of our science and technology capabilities in line with our strategy to deliver sustainable growth. In the last year, all the platforms have increasingly contributed to shaping our innovation strategies and pipeline, driving productivity, and supporting sustainability goals.

How are we embedding our Sustainability Ambitions in everything we do?

Sustainability is our way to innovate.

Science platforms has a dedicated team that is proactively focussed on delivering meaningful science-based solutions to achieve our Sustainability Ambitions. We’re looking at everything - from ingredients and formula to process to packaging. Reducing and recycling plastics and using bio-based and biodegradable chemistries are some of our key focus areas.