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Let’s get water positive

We’ve joined a network of over 30 forward-thinking companies committed to tacking global water stress.

23 Aug 20212 minute read
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Download the press release here

Download the press release here Download PDF

Our determination to advance global water stewardship continues to drive action, as we sign up to the CEO Water Mandate & Water Resilience Coalition

Supporting our sustainability ambitions and commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we’ve committed to becoming Water Positive by 2030.

As a direct consequence of climate change, water stress is a key focus area for us. We operate over 20 sites in areas of water stress, so it’s important we play our part in doing the right thing and helping reduce water impact in these communities.

But we cannot do it alone. We need to collaborate with, and learn from, others. So today, at the start of World Water Week, we’ve joined forces with the Water Resilience Coalition (WRC) and its parent organisation, the CEO Water Mandate.

Co-endorsed by almost 200 companies, the CEO Water Mandate seeks to address global water challenges through corporate water stewardship, in partnership with the United Nations, governments, civil society organisations, and other stakeholders.

The WRC is an industry-driven coalition of over 30 companies under the CEO Water Mandate that aims to elevate global water stress to the top of the corporate agenda.

We’re already making strides and beating our targets in water stewardship. In manufacturing, we aimed to reduce our water use by 35% by 2020. We’ve exceeded this target and achieved a 39% reduction. But this is just the beginning.

Through innovative collaboration and these meaningful new partnerships, we’re aiming to:

  • Reduce our water use in operations by a further 30% by 2025
  • Achieve a 50% reduction in the water footprint of our products by 2040

"Water stress is a direct consequence of climate change. It’s a significant issue for us and the communities we serve. Through our own actions we’re determined to do our part to enable long-term water resilience. But this can only succeed through collaboration."

Laxman Narasimhan


Jason Morrison, President of the Pacific Institute and Head of the CEO Water Mandate said:

“Reckitt’s pursuit to protect, heal, and nurture aligns very well with the CEO Water Mandate’s objectives to mobilize business leaders on water, sanitation and the Sustainable Development Goals.

"Additionally, by being a part of the Water Resilience Coalition they recognize the opportunity to accelerate results and scale impact through collective action to achieve water security in the face of climate change."