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Our scientific research focuses on nine interconnected, foundational disciplines. Led by a globally coordinated team of scientists and technical experts, each of these platforms spans all our categories, so we maximise their applications and benefit our entire portfolio.

Science and technology platforms

We have selected nine interconnected foundational disciplines with wide-ranging applications and underlying benefit to our overall portfolio:

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Polymer science

Leading in materials science to deliver superior products and sustainable solutions

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Innovation through multidisciplinary research on micro-organisms research and their genetic materials

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Allergy and immunity

Science-based solutions to keep people healthy and allergy-free

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Growth and cognition

Science-based solutions for optimal growth, neurodevelopment, brain health and mental wellbeing

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Digestive health

Science-based nutritional solutions for optimal digestion, gut health and nutrient status

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Smart release

Elevating the standard of self-care by enhancing the delivery and performance of active ingredients



Using science to protect people from disease and viruses spread by insects

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Surface chemistry

Studying surfaces or phase boundaries and the chemical changes that occur there

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Sensory enrichment

The science of how we analyse, measure and evoke sensory perceptions

This interconnected approach to science and technology enables us to deliver more differentiation and to maximise the benefits we deliver. Breakthroughs in polymer science, for example, can help us develop more sustainable packaging solutions. Thanks to our research, we’re now using novel film technology to downgauge and lightweight packaging.

Introducing more sustainable packaging for Finish is a real-world example of a polymer science-led application. Finish’s iconic stand-up pouch is now made from 30% recycled (PCR) plastic – an innovation that stems directly from a two-year project in polymer science, investigating the interaction of multiple materials.

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Meanwhile, we’re using surface modification through coating technologies to improve the shelf life of Gaviscon and Harpic. And we’re also using our research to improve the products inside: for example, we’re combining smart-release technology and advanced polymer design to deliver extended pain relief, with Nurofen 12HR Ibuprofen 300mg modified release tablets.

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