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The Reckitt Fight for Access Fund

We believe access to high quality hygiene, health and nutrition is a universal right. Together with our partners, we use our expertise and global reach to drive measurable and sustainable impact, as part of our commitment to a cleaner, healthier world.


Catalysing Lasting Impact

With 12 our global partners, we’ve invested in 40 countries in across our three focus areas. Our social investments in the past year have brought measurable change for real people across the world.


Social Impact Investment Report

Social Impact Investment Report Download PDF

Fight for Access Accelerator

We believe access to high quality hygiene, health and nutrition should be a universal right, not a privilege. That's why we have created the Fight for Access Accelerator, where Reckitt will catalyse grassroots social enterprises to help tackle the world’s greatest problems and strive for a fairer society.

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Case studies

Water and sanitation

Using innovative microfinance to empower women in India, Indonesia and Kenya to take control of their access to clean water and sanitation.

Reckitt and Water.org are working together to close the gap in access to safe water and sanitation.

A woman in a sari smiles as she crouches to wash her hands at an outdoor tap