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Compliance with our policies

Compliance with our policies

All employees and contractors are required to comply with this Code of Business Conduct and are personally responsible for doing so. It is the responsibility of the Board of Reckitt to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the principles and ethical values embodied in this Code are communicated to all colleagues of the Company.

Employees and contractors must comply with any rules set out in this Code of Conduct. Breach of any of the principles within the Code may result in disciplinary action, and a serious breach – such as if an employee or contractor is found to be in wanton abuse of the code and their actions cause reputational risk or damage and/or financial loss to the business – may amount to gross misconduct, which may result in summary dismissal and contract cessation. Fines to a company or part of a company within the group will impact on the P&L and performance payments of that business. In addition, the Company reserves the right to seek redress and damages from the individual(s) who has been found to have breached the code of conduct, irrespective of the position and location the individual(s) might hold, in or out of the company, at the time the breach of this Code comes to light.

Employees and contractors at all levels will be required to certify, annually, that they understand the code and that they (and those they supervise who do not have a Company email address) are in full compliance with this Code for the operations for which they have responsibility. On an annual basis by Internal Audit, the Board monitors the findings of this certification. Those who do not have a Company email address will have the Code communicated to them. Those that supervise these colleague groups will be required to sign that these groups are in full compliance with the code.

The Board of Reckitt will not criticise management for any loss of business resulting from adherence to this Code. The Company undertakes that no employee or contractor will suffer as a consequence of bringing to the attention of the Board or senior management a known or suspected breach of this Code nor will any employee or contractors suffer any adverse employment or contract decision for abiding by this Code.

Reckitt has in place a confidential “whistle blower” policy and process, communicated globally, to encourage the reporting of any non-compliance with this Code of Business Conduct. If in any doubt, employees and contractors can obtain full information on this process from the local Human Resources and Legal departments. Whenever needed, the Company provides a confidential “whistle blower” hotline that employees and contractors anywhere in the world may use to report any violation of this code, as well as any violation of any local law or regulation or any unethical behaviour.