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Compliance with laws, regulations and company policies

There are many laws and regulations applicable to the Company’s business. All employees and contractors must be aware of and observe all laws and regulations governing their activities. Some specific areas of legal and regulatory attention include: health & safety; anti-bribery laws, employment and work place practices; protection of the environment; competition; intellectual property; and, the payment of taxes and social security. Compliance with the Company’s internal operating policies and procedures is of equal importance.

Competition law

It is Company policy that all Reckitt companies and their employees and contractors comply with the competition, antitrust and anti-monopoly laws of all countries in which they conduct Company business. Directors, managers and others with supervisory responsibility have a duty to ensure that employees and contractors under their supervision are aware of and comply with this policy. Violation of this policy may subject the individual to disciplinary action, including dismissal and cessation of contract. Severe civil, and in some cases criminal, penalties may be imposed on the Company and the responsible employee or contractors if they authorise or participate in a violation of competition laws.

Without limiting the general Company policy stated above, there are several specific guidelines that apply to all Reckitt colleagues (employees and contractors) in every country:

  • Reckitt colleagues do not share non-public price information or sensitive product information with competitors under any circumstances. Reckitt colleagues also strive to ensure that such information is not indirectly shared with competitors, whether purposefully or inadvertently, through third parties.
  • Reckitt, as well at its customers and consumers, benefit from a competitive market in which all companies are able to fairly present their product and benefits in the market. Reckitt competes actively in this marketplace, but Reckitt will not use its market position to illegally prohibit the legitimate activity of a competitor.

Regulatory compliance

The Company’s global operations include products that are highly regulated by local laws, regulations, and government agencies. Failure to comply with local registration, manufacturing, sales, and reporting obligations can expose the Company, individual employees, contracting firms and individual contractors to significant penalties, including personal fines and imprisonment. All employees and contractors are required to support the Company’s regulatory compliance obligations, which include the appropriate reporting of adverse events.