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Cyber security and privacy

We are committed to keeping us cyber secure and protecting personal data. Everyone at Reckitt plays an important role in keeping data safe and secure.

Cyber Security is the frontline of data protection. Our dedicated global Cyber Security team work tirelessly to secure information entrusted to Reckitt and keep everyone safe by detecting and responding to cyber threats and incidents.

We employ multiple security measures and technologies, taking a defence-in-depth approach to help protect information from unauthorised access, misuse, disclosure, alteration or destruction. We are constantly looking to improve our security through the delivery of new and enhanced services as well as proactively testing cyber security processes and procedures.

Our colleagues are a key line of defence that help keep us cyber secure. At Reckitt, we are all responsible for protecting our data, it’s part of who we are.

We also work in partnership with industry leading experts to enhance our cyber security capabilities, align with the latest cyber trends to manage risk and build long term trusted relationships.

Privacy policy

We have a legal and moral duty to responsibly handle personal data, including information relating to our employees, contractors, customers, consumers, patients, clinical trial subjects, partners, shareholders or suppliers.

Our use of personal data is subject to the rules and restrictions set out in privacy and data protection laws around the world and everyone at Reckitt plays a crucial role in helping us comply with our commitments. Our privacy policy sets out everything you need to know about how we manage personal data, your rights and how to contact us with any queries.

Privacy policy