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Good health is at the heart of good wellbeing. All over the world, people trust our brands to meet their self-care, personal hygiene and intimate wellness needs.

Supporting people to live healthy, happy lives

Reckitt’s purpose is to protect, heal and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world. For our Health brands, that means providing people with effective solutions to their everyday health and wellness needs.

Today, this role is more important than ever. With an ongoing global pandemic and growing strain on healthcare systems, our world-leading brands offer people efficacious, reliable and innovative products they know and trust.

Our brands

Our Health business represents a well-diversified portfolio of leading global health brands across five key categories.

Our stories

Challenging feminine health stigmas

Acquired by Reckitt in 2021 and relaunched in US retail in 2022, the Queen V brand takes a frank, unapologetic approach to feminine wellness – a growing market, as public conversations about vaginal health shift consumer attitudes and behaviours.

Created by women, for women, Queen V was founded to break down stigmas about vaginal health and offer a more effective, less intimidating approach to self-care. All Queen V products are Micro-v-iome friendly – going beyond pH balance to remove harsh ingredients and ensure products respect women’s natural microbiome ecosystem of good and bad bacteria. This ecosystem is critical to achieving vaginal balance and making vaginal infections less frequent.

A range of Queen V products