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Pakistan floods: support from Mortein

In collaboration with other leading organisations, we've extended our support to the flood victims by donating products worth millions in PKR.

15 Sep 20222 minute read

Partnering in the fight against vector-borne diseases during the devastating floods

As flood waters continue to cause unimaginable impact to over 33 million people in Pakistan, we’ve launched our support efforts by teaming up with Carrefour and Pakistan Red Crescent Society to donate PKR 2 million worth of Mortein Coils to those affected by the flooding.

This is just the beginning of our support for Pakistan. We are also planning further donations of Mortein & Dettol product worth millions in PKR, partnering with several leading NGOs and chains to reach as many flood victims as possible.

The record-breaking floods have had a devastating impact on the people of Pakistan, impacting their lives, livelihood, and country’s infrastructure. With the flooding also comes the increased risk of waterborne diseases, including Dengue fever which is spread by mosquitoes. This is where we’re stepping in to provide support via our Mortein products, so we can help to protect those in need.

Prevention is the cure

We’re building on our “Dengue Ab Nahi” (Dengue No More) mission, which supports prevention and awareness around the Dengue disease, by providing free Mortein Coils to areas most at risk of an outbreak. As there is no vaccine for Dengue in Pakistan, the most effective treatment is prevention. By giving communities impacted by the floods easy access to effective mosquito repellents, we can help them to safeguard themselves and their loved ones against the spread of the Dengue virus.

To provide this support for those in need as quickly and smoothly as possible, we launched the campaign by partnering up with Carrefour as well as Pakistan Red Crescent Society who are leading the efforts in getting aid to those flood victims who need it most; more collaborations are being planned to reach as many flood victims as possible.

At Reckitt, we believe access to high quality hygiene, health and nutrition is a universal right. Operating in Pakistan for 70 years, it is our responsibility to provide in whatever capacity we can during these tough times. By donating Mortein coils as part of one of our activities for flood relief, we hope to reduce further catastrophe with the prevention of vector-borne diseases

Kashan Hasan

GM Reckitt Pakistan

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