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Fighting corruption & pursuing sustainable growth

​Corruption is a global threat to economic growth, innovation and sustainable development, and we all have a part to play in countering it.

21 Sep 20222 minute read

Transparency international corporate anti-corruption benchmark assessment

Corruption is a global threat to economic growth, innovation and sustainable development, and we all have a part to play in countering it. Of course, fighting corruption is a worthy aim in itself. But in terms of our business around the world, we know we operate best in an environment that is fair, accountable and above board when it comes to our supply chain and marketplace. In recognition of this, we recently took part in Transparency International’s Corporate Anti-Corruption Benchmarking assessment.

Transparency International aims to tackle global corruption and prevent criminal activities arising from bribery. In partnership with PWC, it facilitates the Corporate Anti-Corruption Benchmark: an industry leading assessment that recently evaluated our anti-corruption programme against regulatory guidance and best practices. The assessment covers areas including:

  • Top Level Commitment towards the Anti-Corruption Programme
  • Risk Assessment & Planning
  • Policies and Procedures, including our Code of Conduct and controls
  • High Risk Areas that pose an increased corruption risk
  • Managing Third Parties and how we interact with them
  • Communications and Training that informs and educates our employees on anti-corruption matters
  • Monitoring and Review of the performance of the Anti-Corruption Programme
  • Reporting, both internally and publicly, on data from our Anti-Corruption Programme.

Our most notable 2022 improvements

In 2022, we have seen a notable increase in both our scoring and in our ranking in the Transparency International Corporate Anti-Corruption Benchmark – now positioning ourselves as one of the top-scoring organizations in our peer group.

Every part of our anti-corruption programme was seen to have improved significantly, especially:

  • Managing Third Parties which increased by 11 points since our participation in the 2020 Corporate Anti-Corruption Benchmark;
  • Monitoring and Review which rose 7 points from our previous submission; and
  • Risk Assessment & Planning which went up 6 points.

With our top scoring areas being:

  • Our Top-Level Commitment which showcases great top-level communication, governance and collective action;
  • Communication and Training which outlines the robust training provided across Reckitt, as well as high-level communications throughout the year; and
  • Managing Third Parties which shows our commitment to reduce risks arising from our Third Party relationships.

Our scores and overall placement demonstrate our dedication to carrying out business to the highest ethical standards and our ongoing commitment to anti-corruption. They show how determined we are to stick to ‘Doing The Right Thing, Always’, and comply with relevant laws and regulations as we pursue sustainable growth. We will strive to incorporate Transparency International’s recommendations and continue to enhance our Compliance Programme, thus constantly reducing our exposure to corruption risks.