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Sagrotan and Eurowings partnership announced

Sagrotan joins forces with Eurowings to give crew and passengers the products and training they need to stay safe

04 Aug 20212 minute read

Download the press release here

Download the press release here Download PDF

As European travel ‘takes off’, Sagrotan joins forces with Eurowings to give crew and passengers the products and training they need to stay safe

The travel industry has been significantly impacted by the pandemic. Eurowings needed a comprehensive hygiene concept and the support of a trusted disinfectant brand to get travellers back in the air. Enter: German’s number one expert in disinfection1 Sagrotan.

In an exciting new partnership, Sagrotan and Eurowings will be joining forces and giving crew members and passengers peace of mind when taking to the skies.

From August, the new partnership will:

  • Provide all Eurowings passengers receiving a Sagrotan disinfectant wipe to start their journey which kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • Equip Eurowings check-in areas at Cologne and Düsseldorf, Germany with Sagrotan hand sanitiser dispensers
  • Give passengers the opportunity to purchase the popular Sagrotan disinfectant hand gel via the Eurowings in-flight magazine

Approximately half of German travellers surveyed using the ‘Reckitt Global COVID Tracker’ 2 said that thanks to the partnership with Sagrotan, they would now consider flying again with Eurowings. The partnership has also doubled the number of passengers who now feel comfortable travelling by air.

Our aim is to offer a carefree experience when travelling with Eurowings. And this also means doing everything we can to offer hygiene protection measures along the journey in times of the corona pandemic. So as part of our WeCare promise, we have partnered with the number 1 disinfection brand in Germany and will offer Sagrotan products both at check-in and onboard.

Lorenza Maggio

Vice President Product, Customer Experience & Marketing at Eurowings

The partnership was established by our newly-created business unit Global Business Solutions (GBS), which supports companies in breaking the chain of infection by partnering with leading and efficacious products and protocols supported by a global network of hygiene experts and institutions. The GBS team have been very busy, joining forces with the like of car rental company Avis Budget Group, British Airways and the Hilton hotels – among others, who all rely on our branded products and hygiene concepts.