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#SkiptheRinse with Finish to help save water

Driving behaviour change at scale by encouraging people to embrace sustainable dishwashing

15 Oct 20212 minute read
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Man putting coffee cups into dishwasher

At Reckitt we are determined to protect, heal and nurture in our relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world. Along with our partners we are dedicated to improving health, hygiene and nutrition for everyone, everywhere. And as a Principal Partner of COP26 we want to help people make everyday changes to protect the environment.

Our aim for 2030 is to engage 2 billion people in our partnerships, programmes and campaigns. We want to build awareness and create a positive impact on society.

Each of our brands is directing its focus to where it can make most impact in accelerating progress to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

To raise awareness of the water scarcity crisis our purpose-led brand Finish is encouraging people to #SkiptheRinse when loading the dishwasher.

On average, in the UK, people use approximately 143 litres of water per person each day. A lot of this water is unnecessarily wasted, and it is crucial that we know where our water goes.

Pre-rinsing your dishes uses up to 24 litres of water per load – this is an example of wasted water. So, we improved our Finish product to be even more effective at removing dirt, meaning you don’t need to rinse dishes before you use the dishwasher.

#SkiptheRinse is a global movement and along with our partnerships with National Geographic, Love Water UK and the Nature Conservancy we have reached 350m+ people to encourage them to turn off the tap before loading the dishwasher. In the US alone, it has driven pledges to save 7.1 million gallons of water.

This global campaign is working to drive habit change at scale by encouraging people to embrace sustainable dishwashing. It is a story that really connects to people and translates into a small behaviour change in everyday life that adds up to a big impact.

So next time you’re loading the dishwasher make sure you do your part and #SkiptheRinse to help build a cleaner, healthier world.