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Reckitt x Red Cross

We’ve joined the Red Cross’ Disaster Relief Alliance to support the most vulnerable communities.

18 Jun 20213 minute read

Reckitt x Red Cross: supporting communities in need

Guided by our compass – to do the right thing always – and in line with our fight – to make access to the highest quality hygiene, wellness and nourishment a right not a privilege – and Sustainability Ambitions’ ‘fairer society’ pillar – building a stronger, more sustainable and fairer world – we’ve joined the British Red Cross’ Disaster Relief Alliance to support the most vulnerable communities.

We’ve committed to donating funds, our products and our time to help people in crisis.

What have we been doing?

Recently, 130 colleagues took part in a ‘mapathon’, donating 220 hours to map at-risk communities in Bangladesh. These digital maps show 175km of roads and almost 10,000 buildings. They’re are a crucial resource to the Red Cross emergency volunteers supporting communities during times of crisis – for example during extreme flooding.

Over 125 million millilitres of Dettol have also now been donated to seven countries around the world. Here’s how it has helped our communities.

In Austria…

The Red Cross operates 119 foodbanks across the country, which are visited by approximately 4,500 people per week. Dettol will play an important role in the safe operation of these foodbanks. It will also be available for people who otherwise may not have access to sanitiser.

Dettol products will also be shared with the Red Cross staff in emergency care, blood donation and ambulance staff, keeping them safe while working on the front line.

Disinfectant is what is needed most at the moment at the Austrian Red Cross, and we are especially happy that this donation supports people in need in Austria who can now get the product at our “Team Österreich Tafel” -foodbanks.

Michael Opriesnig

Secretary General, Austrian Red Cross

“Personal hygiene products are expensive and often overlooked when situations are very serious and your first priority is to bring food on your families table. So this really means the world to us, and even more so in times of this pandemic when we need to use hand sanitation products on a daily basis.”

In Hungary…

Dettol will reach approximately 45,000 people and families in Hungary who have been impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19. It will also be used in the Hungarian Red Cross’ ‘prevention campaign’, distributed to members of the public to reinforce the importance of hygiene practices to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Such in-kind donations are a great help to our organisation due to their great value and usefulness. Our activities require purchasing such products, so this donation spares our resources a great deal.

Diána Török

Corporate Relations Specialist, Hungarian Red Cross

In Poland…

A total of 200,000 Dettol sanitisers have been sent to seven regional branches of the Polish Red Cross. Here, Dettol will be used by vulnerable older people, families and children as well as used by Red Cross staff and volunteers.

In Spain…

13,000 people have received Dettol hand sanitisers – from Red Cross staff and volunteers to people in need across Spain.