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Helping restore wildflower habitats with WWF

WWF and Air Wick are working together to help restore wildflower habitats globally and connect millions to nature

28 Oct 20212 minute read

WWF and Air Wick – working together to help restore wildflower habitats globally and connect millions to nature

Earlier this year, Air Wick partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to achieve a shared goal: restoring over a billion square feet of wildflower habitats across the globe.*

Inspired by Air Wick’s brand purpose of ‘Connecting people to nature’, the project is a timely response to today’s biodiversity crisis. Since 1970, there has been a 60% global decline in animal species, and since the 1930’s 97% of the UK’s wildflower meadows have been lost.

As well as boosting biodiversity by helping bees, butterflies and other species to thrive, restoring wildflower meadows gives us cleaner air to breathe. It’s a cause we’re especially passionate about, since we also rely on flowers to create our beautiful fragrances. 

Working with the WWF across 10 global markets, we’ve already embarked on a wide range of conservation projects, including:

  • Planting 250 trees across 210 hectares in the Monarch Mexican Flyway, to protect the Monarch butterfly and other pollinators.
  • Reseeding almost 40 million square feet of the Northern Great Plains in the US as native grasslands
  • Preserving 22 species of endangered Australian wildflowers, by undertaking 36 collections.
  • Engaging with UK farmers and landowners and hand collecting meadow seeds.
  • Collecting seeds in the Donana National Park in Spain, which will be cultivated into a nursery for planting.

Alongside our conservation work, we’re also encouraging people around the world to help us bring nature back, by turning a corner of their garden, home or local community into a nature-friendly wildflower haven. Adding native wildflowers helps to provide more food for pollinators like bees and butterflies, as well as other insects.

We can all take action for our planet. So why not take your first step today?

*WWF has partnered with Air Wick liquid electricals / scented oils and Botanica by Air Wick.

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