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Finish has joined forces with Loop

Finish has joined forces with Loop to bring sustainable packaging options to a major UK retailer

13 Sep 20212 minute read

We’re always looking to ‘put people first’. Making our consumers’ lives easier - and creating a sustainable lifecycle for our products while we’re at it – is just one way we’re doing that.

Finish UK has partnered with Loop - a unique, sustainable packaging concept that sees empty packaging collected, cleaned and re-distributed back to the brand to be re-used.

This partnership is taking on an exciting new form, as Loop expands its offering in a new trial with UK superstore, Tesco.

From September, 10 Tesco stores will carry Loop’s brand partners – including Finish – giving consumers the option to purchase the brands they know and love in sustainable packaging that can be re-used time and time again.

For the first time, Finish tabs will be available in stainless-steel jars, with in-store return points for when the product is finished. Once returned the packaging is cleaned and refilled ready to go back on shelf and bought by the next shopper.

At Reckitt we are committed to reducing our packaging footprint. The Loop platform is one of several reuse solutions we are trialling to help meet our 2030 target to reduce virgin plastic in our packaging by 50%. We are excited for our leading dishwasher detergent brand Finish to work with Tesco on this ground-breaking initiative as we continue to drive progress against our sustainability ambition

Sonia Thimmiah

Head of Sustainable Brands

Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy. Not only are we COP26’s official Hygiene Partner, but we’re also developing sustainable packaging across our portfolio. You can learn more about this work here.