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Brand update: Vanish

Driving positive behaviours to promote circular fashion

17 Feb 20213 minute read
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Man and child putting clothes into the washing machine

Vanish remains focused on its purpose through innovative joint ventures and partnerships

Vanish is committed to developing a sustainable future. One in which clothes are able to live many lives both through providing solutions that remove stains and revive your favorite clothes and engaging consumers to drive positive behaviours to promote sustainable fashion.

Through innovative joint ventures with forward-thinking start-ups, partnerships with key fashion decisionmakers and moving its product portfolio in a positive direction through more sustainable packaging options, Vanish has remained focused on its mission.

Vanish x Oxwash

Vanish has joined forces with ‘space-age’ laundry demand service Oxwash! This new partnership will bring clean and fresh laundry straight to the doors of consumers through sustainable methods.

Oxwash is a British-based innovative start-up that has well and truly disrupted the market, adapting to changing consumer behaviours whilst considering sustainability every step of the way. The brand has developed a sustainable washing process that efficiently cleans clothes. This clothing is then delivered back to customers on bespoke delivery bikes. It’s quick, easy and eco-friendly! Now Oxwash will be using Vanish’s 0% Gel to boost their laundry process and deliver even better results for their customers, while supporting the brand in its purpose to give clothes many lives and helping to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

Supporting sustainable fashion

Did you know that Vanish is a Fashion Avenger? Working as part of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals initiative, Vanish has partnered with Project Everyone, joining a team of industry experts – including the British Fashion Council – working to establish a more sustainable fashion industry.

Recently, Vanish visited Goals House to attend a cross-industry discussion, exploring what a fairer, more sustainable industry might look like post-pandemic and how to get there together.

Paola Arbelaez said: “Because of the pandemic, people are now more aware of the issue, with nearly two thirds of us believing that clothes production is harmful to the environment. And while we’ve all been spending a lot more time at home, a lot of us have been reorganising and decluttering our wardrobes, prompting us to pay closer attention to our clothing habits.

Engagement with this issue can’t come quickly enough. The fashion industry is second most polluting industry in the world. It needs the whole industry to come together now to solve this crisis.

Paola Arbelaez

Global Category Director, Vanish, RB

The session is available to watch again: here

Vanish’s packaging ‘goes green’

Vanish’s Oxi Action Powder packaging has always been recyclable but the team recognised that there was the potential for an even more sustainable solution. They wanted to optimise the packaging and close the loop by integrating recycled plastic as part of the design.

Guided by Vanish’s purpose to give clothes many lives, the team embarked on a two-year journey to improve Vanish’s packaging in a bid to also give plastic many lives. A ‘tri-layered’ packaging solution was designed, incorporating recycled plastic whilst also retaining Vanish’s heritage pink – an important marker for the brand – and protecting the product.

Our packaging is our responsibility, and we want to play our part in delivering RB’s targets on reduction, recyclability and recycled content.

Paola Arbelaez

Global Category Director, Vanish, RB

"The whole team has worked very hard over the last two years to overcome all the challenges with regards to compatibility, colour and cost to make this a reality for our consumers – and the planet. It is clearly a big step towards our better packaging strategy, and we will look to further scale and improve over time,” said Paola Arbelaez – Global Category Director Vanish.

35% of recycled plastic is now being introduced into Vanish’s powder packaging range across all European production, with the view to increase in the near future.