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Vanish partners with the British Fashion Council

Vanish has signed a first-of-its-kind partnership with the BFC, which will see the brand further its mission to promote responsible clothing consumption

01 Oct 20202 minute read

Download the press release here

Download the press release here Download PDF

Vanish takes to the runway with new British Fashion Council partnership 

Vanish has signed a first-of-its-kind partnership with the British Fashion Council (BFC), which will see the brand further its mission to promote responsible clothing consumption - through a series of consumer education and engagement programmes and innovative new research into sustainable practices in the fashion industry. 

This new partnership could not have come at a more crucial time, with the fashion industry being cited as one of the world’s most polluting industries after oil and gas due to water, carbon and waste. The fashion sector contributes to 4% of global carbon emissions but consumer behaviour also has a lot to answer for. New reports show that sustainable consumer behaviour could impact as much as 21% of total carbon emissions from the industry.  

As a Garment Care Partner, Vanish will be working with the BFC to raise awareness and empower consumers to adopt sustainable fashion choices through the purchasing of pre-loved clothing as well as the re-purposing and recycling of clothing already in their wardrobes.    

The brand is now a founding partner of the Institute of Positive Fashion (IPF), the recently formed initiative from BFC which aims to help the British fashion industry to become more resilient and circular through collaboration and action.  

Vanish will partner on the research section of the IPF’s launch project, The Waste EcoSystem, to understand what it will take to create a circular fashion industry in the UK and how to develop an essential framework for the global industry. 

Fabrice Beaulieu, EVP Hygiene and Group Marketing Excellence for RB added: 

“Clothes are a source of joy and self-expression – when they look and feel good, we feel good. Vanish products play a vital role in helping clothes live for longer, but we are on a mission to do more. Together with the British Fashion Council, we will inspire consumers to create positive change with simple actions around buying, washing, caring and passing on their clothes.”

Bringing together the BFC’s collective power of the fashion industry with Vanish’s insight into consumer behaviours, the partnership will provide the tools and expertise to make a responsible wardrobe achievable.

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