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RB Reporting a fresh approach

Our reporting approach has been expanded and streamlined, helping people navigate our different projects and challenges.

02 Apr 20192 minute read

Sustainability reporting 2018

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. We all share our sustainability challenges: they're global, they're interconnected and they’re intensifying. We understand that growth and responsibility go hand-in-hand. And we're doing something about it. That’s why we have taken a new approach to our sustainability reporting.

In the past, we’ve produced a separate Sustainability Report and Detailed Sustainability Report each year. For our 2018 reporting, we’ve changed our approach. Our responsibility section has been expanded and streamlined. This makes it much easier for stakeholders to navigate our different sustainability projects and challenges, as well as find information on our partnerships and case studies highlighting our many community projects.

Each section of content is supported by ‘RB Insights’, providing further information on a particular topic, such as additional case studies, performance data, methodologies and links to our policies and standards.

The result is a more dynamic approach to sustainability reporting. We can provide stakeholders with information in real time, giving a more rounded and engaging view of our approach to delivering social impact and a sustainable business.

Sustainability remains a core part of our business strategy, so a summary of our sustainability performance across our strategic pillars is also included in our Annual Report.

Annual report 2018

Our latest annual report has been integrated into rb.com and can be found here. This report outlines our activities for 2018, which was an important year for RB as we introduced RB2.0 as a platform for future growth and outperformance. It gives our shareholders and other interested people an overview of our business and financial performance.