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RB Makes Popular Consumer Health Products 100% Waste-Free

Airborne, MegaRed, Move Free and Neuriva Introduce Reusable Packaging through Loop

21 May 20192 minute read
RB Announces Partnership with Circular Shopping Platform, Loop

Consumers will soon be able to support their heart, brain, joints and immune system with supplements that don’t contribute any waste to the environment. RB, the leading global health and hygiene company and maker of popular consumer brands including Airborne, Move Free, MegaRed and Neuriva, was announced today as founding partner in the U.S. rollout of the global recycling program known as Loop.

Loop is a circular shopping platform offering approximately 300 consumer goods in reusable packaging. By becoming a founding partner of the Loop program, RB is bringing the next generation of sustainability to the world’s most well-known health products. This collaboration with Loop also further advances RB’s global commitment to make 100% of product packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025.

Airborne uses a combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs to help support a more balanced immune system. MegaRed is full of high quality Omega-3s, which can help support a happy and healthy heart, brain, joints and eyes. Move Free combines innovation and science to create better movement for everyone and push joint health forward. Neuriva is a brain supplement clinically proven to improve focus, accuracy, memory, learning concentration and reasoning. Together, these RB products allow people at every stage and every age to brain better, move better and live better.

“The way the world shops is about to change forever, and we’re thrilled that RB is partnering with Loop to make its health products available in a way that eliminates packaging waste while improving shopping convenience,” said Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of Terracycle, the global recycling organization that created Loop. “RB has stepped up to design durable packaging that can be collected, cleaned, refilled and reused in effort to decrease their environmental impact.

During today’s U.S. rollout of the Loop program at the World Economic Forum office in New York City, the new reusable product packaging will be unveiled to consumers, who will soon be able to find RB products on the Loop shopping platform. After using the products, customers put empty containers in a Loop tote on their doorstep. The containers are then picked up by a delivery service, cleaned and refilled, and shipped out to consumers again.